Watch out for our 1st WW

You are right here. Maybe it does not look like a magazine. Weird?

Nevertheless it is not our first magazine we´ll produce, but it is the first of a new kind. The concept was developed in 2010 for SPACE NET: The text comes with embedded links and QR-Codes to get the pictures right delivered to your smartphone at P.O.R. [Point of Reading].

That´s why we need stories and pictures. Both have to be outstanding. Made for the future. Today it might look weird for some, but not for everyone.

We are in no hurry. We decided to sponsor an artwork in virtual worlds and set up a call for stories at the 2014 Santorini Bienniale.

ww-contest-dfThis is part of a slide show of DREAMT FOREST at the grand opening of the Bienniale. Here comes some background information:


SR Hadden is mentioned in part 3: Back Dive into the Depth
Neruval is mentioned in part 5: I Am Substance. I Am Blue.
DRON7 is mentioned in part 6: Still not known

For Silent Running

Ren Yifu, Feathers Boa, Yooma Mayo, Leopard Adored, Uan Ceriaptrix are artists in virtual worlds, supporting DREAMT FOREST by Digital Art you find inworld.

Scripting in DREAMT FOREST by Qnav What.

Here comes a little help for kids, as Dreamt Forests were originally designed by Navah Dreams [Liliana Papadopoulou] for kids in Greece to learn to create in 3D – named the Primexplorer Project.

Meet and chat with a chatbot like Eugene Goostman or Ramona 4.2 or even with Neruval, the owl AI — inworld.
You may ask questions like: How many trees are in the box the Garden Avatar holds in his hand? Why is this so? What does the number stand for? Why the saying evolved, “Let´s meet in dreamt forest” and not “dream forest”? And so on…

Find out what DRON7 is all about, where it was mentioned before …

Then send your story to

Happy storytelling! [your English needs not to be perfect, the Editor of WW will take care of it]



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