Last call: October, 1st, 2014
A Virtual Tree (For Real)

A call to finish the story, a call for creativity, a call for creative writing. 

Far away in the galaxy, there was a planet with beautiful forests of all kinds.  Oak tree forests, rain forests, mixed tree forests, and many more.  Everyone was happy to use the forest trees to build canoes and ships, to make furniture, and to build houses.  A lot of useful things were made out of the wood on this planet.

There was also a lot of wind and sunshine available for heating and electricity, but wasn’t used.  Instead, the inhabitants decided to burn oil.  For some time, it worked well enough, but then it ended.  Oil became too expensive, so people started burning trees for heat.  Now, forests no longer exist on this planet, just some trees cultivated in glasshouses, placed in rows, packed together.

There is a long artistic tradition on this planet, so the glasshouses were named “dreamt forests”.  A saying evolved, “Let´s meet in the dreamt forest.”

The trees needed protection from visitors, just like paintings by Rembrandt or Picasso.  Thick frames of glass were installed, but it was already too late.  An infection took the last of the trees, as they had weakened over the years. Biologists had warned them.  “In glasshouses they will not reproduce.”

So, this planet sent a call to outer space for help, to planet DRON7.  Years before, a philanthropist, SR Hadden, rented a space freighter mounted with huge domes. Self-repair units were developed and robots were manufactured by the finest designers the planet could offer: Ren Yifu, Feathers Boa and Yooma Mayo. The name of the mission was Silent Running.  Its destination: DRON7.  We all know it from The Artefact, that Zeno Astronen was the first to decode the signals, so SR Hadden decided to plot a course to DRON7.

Now you step in when the first inhabitants of DRON7 arrive and offer this planet help to replant their world. Navah Dreams has already done it in a simulator so you get a picture on what mankind will work in the future to get back.

Here comes a little help for kids, as Dreamt Forests were originally designed by Navah Dreams for kids in Greece to learn to create in 3D – named the Primexplorer Project.

Meet and chat with Eugene Goostman or Ramona 4.2 inworld.  You may ask questions like: How many trees are in the box the Garden Avatar [made by Uan Ceriaptrix] holds in his hand? Why is this so? What does the number stand for? Why the saying evolved, “Let´s meet in dreamt forest” and not “dream forest”? And so on…

Find out what DRON7 is all about, where it was mentioned before …
Then send your story to my@writtenweird.com
Happy storytelling!

[get this text as PDF] [get it as a PowerPoint presentation]

a contribution to DREAMTFOREST
established in Philadelphia 1797

presented at 2014 Santorini Biennale

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